The “Lucky Leg” – Go Steelers!

I love my hometown of Louisville, KY (a.k.a., Louavull), and I love my
adopted hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.  The Louisville Courir-Journal’s RSS
feeds helop me stay in touch with the news back home, and today’s issue had a
great article on one member of the Steelers Nation, and his lucky leg:

Four weeks ago, in the first round of the playoffs, Pittsburgh trailed
Cincinnati 17-7 in the second quarter. Gray decided to kick-start the Steelers
with his prosthetic leg — the one with the Steelers helmet on the shin.

“I just popped it off and started banging on the table with it,” Gray
said. “Everybody was like, ‘What is that?’ I said, That’s my lucky leg!’

But why does our man have a prosthetic leg festooned with Steelers logos?

“I was thinking about getting a Steelers tattoo,” Gray said, “but I was
like, I need a new leg anyway, so why not get a Steeler leg? That’ll kill two
birds. I’ll have a tattoo and a leg — and I won’t have to worry about the
pain of the tattoo.”

You have to appreciate the thought process, there.

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