Team Foundation Server 2010 is now for Everyone

Microsoft listened!

TFS 2010 now allows you to start small–single laptop installation on Win 7, using SQL Server Express, no requirement for SharePoint or SSRS.  Apparently we can upgrade as we grow, building to the mac daddy TFS installation.  The basic installation/config is crazy easy–the speaker did it start to finish as a demo on a Win 7 client in a couple of minutes, and it actually worked.  The only demo today that worked the first time.

32% of all Beta 2/RC installs of TFS 2010 are on Win 7 machines.  Server 2008 and Server 2008 R2 are 25% each.  Server 2003, Vista and Unknown are the rest.

Each MSDN subscription includes 1 production TFS installation and one CAL.  Each VS 2010 (except Express) includes a CAL.  If you don't have MSDN, TFS can be purchased for $500, and includes 5 users.  Additional individual CALs cane be purchased from a reseller.

There is a conversion tool to migrate from VSS to TFS.  Subversion can either do a check-out/check-in, or watch for 3rd party products.

Totally new is Eclipse and Java support, so Java developers can make use of all the tools in TFS.  We work with a Java team at the day job, and ironicaly the Java guys use VSS, and the Visual Sudio guys use Subversion.