StoreFront 6 Error: Cannot Find web.config

If you’re receiving this error when you Compile Components, chances are you have multiple websites on the same computer, and you’ve simply connected to the wrong one.  Exit FrontPage or Dreamweaver, then start back up again and open your site.  Run Compile Components again, and make sure you’re connecting to the correct site.  The path should read http://localhost/SITENAME/ssl/management/clientaccess.aspx.

One thought on “StoreFront 6 Error: Cannot Find web.config”

  1. "unable to find web.config cannot proceed."

    i am locally developing storefront6.x xede and one time compile component is working fine but now it is not working.
    one time the site is compile properly from dreamwever menu.
    and i uploaded that changes also.but now it is not possible.

    gives error
    "unable to find web.config cannot proceed."
    i have installed once.and then make a localwebsite.

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