Saving Outlook 2003 E-mails to SharePoint Document Library

I see this a lot, and it’s easier than you might think:

  1. Open the e-mail, and click File >> Save.
  2. In the “File Name”, enter the URL to the document library, and click Save.
  3. A view of the document library will open in the folder list window.  Confirm the file name (which will be the e-mail subject), change it if you need to, and click Save again.
  4. Your e-mail message is now saved in the document library!

Tip #1: You can get the URL of the document library by navigating to it, and copying everything up to the end of the library name.  For example, you’d use http://MyPortal/sites/TestSite/Document%20Library/.

Tip #2: If you need to save a lot of e-mails in the same document library, create a Network Place for the document library.  Open My Network Places and use the wizard to create a new network place for this library, using the URL as shown in Tip #1.  Then, you can choose this library by browsing My Network Places.