Requiem for Brad Will

I found out today one of my fraternity brothers was killed in Mexico over the weekend.  Brad and I had rooms next to each other as freshmen, and we could talk through the hole in the wall for the radiator pipe at night (which annoyed his roommate to no end).  He had the greatest collection of Doors albums, and we spent hours jamming.  Later, we pledged the same fraternity, and lived in the house for the next couple of years.  Brad eventually went his own way, leaving the fraternity and Allegheny College.  We lost touch after that.  He went goodness knows where, and I went to Alabama for graduate school.

Brad’s easygoing nature often belied just how smart he was.  He was one of those guys who could instantly find a hole in any argument, but wouldn’t argue the point.  Brad was a good talker, and relished good, thoughtful conversation.  Instead of being an arguer, he’d lay out what he was thinking and why.  Sometimes, he and I saw eye to eye on issues, and sometimes we were polar opposites.  No matter, he was respectful of you, even when you disagreed.

It wasn’t much of a surprise to find out he was a videographer for Indymedia.  That just suited him perfectly.  The photo below is part of the story of his death at, and is a great image of Brad.  This was his thoughtful conversation look, and is a good way to remember him.  If you never knew him, this photo’s all the introduction you need.  There’s some more story at

Brad Will

2 thoughts on “Requiem for Brad Will”

  1. Appropriate entry and I, too, was very sad to get the news about Brad. I was telling a friend about him this evening and couldn’t convey just exactly how intelligent he was, and yet, at the same time, he would go out of his way to portray himself as that "hippie dude" that just didn’t really care. (Although those of us who knew him, knew better.) He didn’t have a mean bone in his body and was truly well-read in all subjects. I’m sorry I didn’t know he was working for as a documentarian. I would have loved to hear more on his travels, subjects, and passion for those things he was fortunate enough to record to tape.

  2. Terribly sad news my friends! Brad and I were not only brothers at Theta Chi, but we pledged together, were in the same Freshman residence hall and ultimately shared a bunk bed at the only quad in the fraternity. I have very fond memories of Brad who, often rebellious, was a true friend and highly intelligent. Sadly, we move on with our lives and lost touch. Brad always had his heart in the right place. As testament to his final days, he was truly a free spirit.

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