Newly Installed SideQuik Document Holder

I installed the coolest thing on my laptop today, and it’s not a software tool.  My laptop is now sporting a SideQuik document holder.  There’s not a tremendous amount that needs to be said to describe a document holder.  It attaches to your laptop monitor and holds papers–pretty simple concept.  But what’s really cool about the SideQuik is its design.  The SideQuik slides both left and right, to hold documents on whichever side is most convenient (handy in tight places), and if you have space, you can set it on the table, too.  It’s very thin, so it doesn’t add a lot of bulk, and still allows my laptop to slide into and out of my case easily.  Click the photo for more images and details (Note: that’s not me in the photo).


If clear isn’t your gig, you can also add skins and a little whiteboard insert, too.

If you’ve been around me, you know I’m pretty adamant about not adorning my laptop, so I have to explain just how momentous this is for me to attach anything to it.  I have a Dell Vostro 1500 laptop, and I like its sleek look.  It has a stealthy appearance, in an F117-A kind of way.  I’ve had plenty of opportunity to decorate–Dani tried at Installfest to get a Visual Studio 2008 sticker on it, but even the free VS 2008 license wasn’t enough incentive.  ASP Alliance sent stickers to us authors, and they’ve paid me well through the years.  Paul Nielsen from SQL Server Bible handed out the cool Euro-style SQL stickers at DevTeach (see them on his front page).  As you can see from the photo below, undecorated after over a year.

DSC_8315 (Small)

But that’s changed.  Although the appearance is different, the profile hasn’t been significantly altered.

DSC_8316 (Small)

Now that you’ve seen it, quit being a dork and fumbling papers everywhere.  Go get a SideQuik.

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