.NET Powering Web 2.0 Apps

I found two new ‘moblog’ apps for my new Treo 700w, both powered by .NET: and .  Each app allows you to post photos from your cameraphone to an account on the respective app’s site.  Both apps are available for a number of devices, and each app’s site is developed in .NET.  Picoblogger looks a lot like Community Server, SplashBlog uses a different but simple interface.

SplashBlog can post to Blogger or TypePad; Picoblogger claims it can post to any blog service that uses the Blogger API (such as dasBlog), but I couldn’t find the configuration on the server, and the client app crashed when I tried to use it.

Not to get into a comparison of the two here, but I think it’s pretty cool that .NET is powering two new Web 2.0 apps.

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