Midlevel .NET Developers Needed in Pittsburgh

My buddy Shaun has an immediate need for four midlevel .NET developers in Pittsburgh.  You can contact him at shaun [dot] eutsey [at] consultusa [dot] com if you’re interested in hearing more.

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3 thoughts on “Midlevel .NET Developers Needed in Pittsburgh”

  1. And yet there’s a recession going on!

    We’ve got a boatload of openings, too. Some because of new projects, and some because folks are moving on. The economy seems pretty good to me, at least for software developers.

  2. One Correction…

    That is Shaun[dot]Eutsey[at]ConsultUSA[dot]Com.

    Also, if any one knows of a Team Foundation Server administrator, we’re looking for one of those too… Apparently they are IMPOSSIBLE to find in Pittsburgh.

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