Dynamsoft Releases the World’s First Hosted SCM Solution!

I’m sure Rally Software or Axosoft might beg to differ about the "world’s first" claim, but there’s another contender in the SCM/Hosted SCM arena:

Today we are pleased to announce the release of Dynamsoft SCM Anywhere Hosted, the world’s first hosted Software Configuration Management solution.

With integrated version control, issue tracking & build automation, SCM Anywhere Hosted is specifically designed for teams looking for an integrated Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to manage the entire software development life cycle.

With SCM Anywhere Hosted, development teams can achieve great benefit from the simplified IT infrastructure, the lowered cost of ownership, the high availability with anywhere/anytime access, the uncompromised security, and also the excellence of other features.

For more information about SCM Anywhere, please visit:
A 10-minute introduction video can be found at:

Features of note are CruiseControl.NET and ANT integration (even in the hosted version), source control with SourceAnywhere, and three users free (hosted; installed=1 user).

I’ve used Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere for a while now, and it’s really nice.  The Visual Studio integration is almost perfect, and the workflows are up to part with Subversion.  If the SCM compares to SA, expect good things.

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