CR.NET 2005/2008 book is here!

I was a big fan of Brian’s Crystal Reports .NET 2003 book, as well as his CR XI book, so this is exciting news:

Find out about the new Crystal Reports Encyclopedia: .NET 2005/2008 book and more ebooks online at

I’m excited to announce that I just finished writing “Crystal Reports Encyclopedia: .NET 2005/2008”. It is being printed now and will be at on November 1st. You can pre-order it by clicking here:

With .NET 2005/2008 you can print from a variety of new data sources: arrays, LINQ, and any IEnuberable collection. You can also use SmartTasks to create new reports in minutes. Are you upgrading to Crystal Reports 2008? Create custom add-ins for the menu bar and build a User Function Library!

Many people have requested my books in ebook format. So I’ve done just that! I converted my books to a blog format so that members can have a one-on-one conversation with me about specific sections in the book. This has been very popular as many people ask for help about walking through the various tutorials in the book. Coming in a couple of weeks is a members-only forum where members get priority to have their questions answered. To find out more about the online ebooks, click here:

These are exciting new improvements for all Crystal Reports users and I look forward to adding more new features in the next couple of months.

-Brian Bischof