How RedGate’s SQL Source Control Saved My Tail

It’s still in early beta, but RedGate’s SQL Source Control saved my tail today.  I was deploying a number of objects from dev/test to production, and since I’m beta testing the product, I checked everything in before I created the scripts.  I was interrupted partway through the deployment for a meeting (say what you will about the sanctity of deployments, this is just life sometimes).  When I got back from the meeting, I had half an hour before I had to leave to get Precious Little One from day care.  One of the steps I needed to complete involved dropping and recreating a stored procedure.  Yep, you know what happened next—I dropped the thing in dev/test before I had the script to create it.  Yikes!  Fortunately, with a couple mouse clicks, I was able to easily add the sproc back to dev/test, and properly deploy it.  Thank, RedGate!

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