Thank You Mindsharp!

I received my free SharePoint posters today, and I can only say “Wow!  Thanks Mindsharp!”.  They are detailed and yet still nicely laid out.  My mental image of SPS configuration is no longer an endless maze with randomly moving walls (and no cheese).  The SPS poster very nicely turns the mess into a tree diagram.  If you plan on hanging them up, make sure you plenty of wall space available.  The WSS OM is big–about 4 feet wide (about 1.3m)!  The other two combined are just about as wide.

Free SharePoint Posters

Mindsharp is offering as set of SharePoint posters free if you register at their site.  There are three posters in the set:

Windows SharePoint Services Object Model Poster
The Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) object model consists of eighteen namespaces in nine assemblies. It is written in .NET managed code using C# so it is easily accessible via ASP.NET or any other server process. Anything that can be done using SharePoint’s application and administrative interfaces can also be done using it’s object model. Although the SharePoint SDK is helpful, it can be difficult to see the big picture.
Mindsharp’s FREE* WSS Object Model is a 3’x4′, color-coded, graphical depiction of the relationship between WSS collections, object, methods, fields (constants), properties, and enumerations in several core namespaces.

Windows SharePoint Services Administration Roadmap
Increase your productivity with Mindsharp’s FREE* Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) Administration Roadmap. This 2’x3′ poster presents the complex infrastructure of the administrative links presented by Windows SharePoint Services.

SharePoint Portal Server Administration Roadmap
Mindsharp’s FREE* Sharepoint Portal Server (SPS) Administration Roadmap is a 2’x3′ poster containing all Site Settings and Central Administration menus. This enables you to see the complex infrastructure of Portal’s administrative links.

*Note: One set of posters is available at no cost to residents of the US, UK, and Canada. Additional sets can be purchased for $20 (our cost to produce, package, process, and post). Electronic versions of the posters are also available for $45/each (entire set must be purchased).

You can get a good view of the WSS Object Model poster at

Mindsharp was founded by Bill English and Todd Bleeker, both of whom have blogs at, all of which I’ve found to be very interesting so far (some of the posts are deep topics–not so much for beginners).  Bill is also part of the new SharePoint Advisor magazine.

what a good sharepoint consultant ought to know…

Tim Heuer has an interesting post today:

inspired by scott hanselmen’s post about What Great .NET Developers Ought to Know, as well as the rush of interviews i’ve been conducting lately to fill sharepoint positions, i started compiling a list of questions for what a sharepoint consultant ought to know…here it is…

It’s a challenging list of questions, check it out:

(hat tip: many other bloggers)