April BADNUG Meeting

BADNUG will meet April 20 from 6-8 pm at Communifax HQ in Cranberry Township. Please join us as Tony Casale of Communifax discusses developing custom server controls and HTTP handlers, with real-world experience and examples. More information at http://badnug.org. Directions to Communifax at http://communifax.com.

Pittsburgh Code Camp Confirmed Topics

The folks at Pittsburgh Dot Net have
been busy with preparations for Pittsburgh Code Camp,
and they’ve released the confirmed topics:

-AJAX / Atlas for .NET
-An Inside Look at the .Net Framework Garbage
-Common Pitfalls with .NET and COM Interop
Application Backlog
-Introducing Iron Python .NET
-Introduction to
Custom Membership Providers (ASP.NET 2.0)
-Microsoft Composite UI
Application Block (CAB)
-.Net using Mono/Open Source
Implementation of Web Services with CRUD Generation
-Refactoring in .NET
-SOA-Building Services for Reuse
-SQL Server Integration
-Unit and Web Testing with Visual Studio 2005
-Using Attributes
and PropertyGrids to Manage System Configuration
-Using the Enterprise
-Windows Workflow Foundation for .NET

Looks to be an awesome day!  Pittsburgh Code Camp is April 8, and you
can apparently still regsiter at http://www.pghdotnet.org/CodeCamp/default.htm.

March BADNUG Meeting

The March BADNUG meeting will be held on March 9 from 6–8pm at Communifax HQ in Cranberry Township, PA.

Join us at John Szurley of Communifax discusses their implementation of SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services. John will demonstrate report building and presentation mechanisms. This is an excellent opportunity to see if SSRS fits into your BI needs, as well as ascertain if SSRS 2000 lived up to its hype.

More information at http://badnug.org/Events/tabid/54/Default.aspx.

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January BADNUG Meeting – Excel XML Writer and nHibernate

New Location!

Communifax has graciously offered to host us in their conference room.  They’re located just a minute or two down 228 from BC3; find directions at http://www.communifax.com/company/directions.aspx.  Thank you Communifax!

Tool of the Month (“use one, don’t be one”): Excel XML Writer

It’s a safe bet more business decisions are made in Excel worksheets than in all the boardrooms and golf courses in the world, combined.  If you spend any time at all querying data from ERP systems or data warehouses, and think there has to be a better way than VSTO, you’ll want to see this free library in action.  Rich Dudley will make your life a little better.

Main Presentation: nHibernate

We’ll all feel like hibernating come late January, but no time for naps yet.  nHibernate is an “object persistence library for relational databases”.  Basically that means you can use nHibernate to keep database stuff in memory, and get at it very easily, to build more scalable ASP.NET applications.  Eric Kepes will show us how.  We’d write a better description, but we don’t fully understand it ourselves.

Full details at http://badnug.org/Events/tabid/54/ctl/Details/Mid/370/ItemID/13/selecteddate/1%2F26%2F2006/Default.aspx.

August BADNUG Meeting Postponed

Turns out, it’s a crappy night for a lot of people.  I’ve heard from several people who would like to attend but can’t due to school orientation, classes, etc.

So, the Augist BADNUG meeting is postponed.  We’ll make it up to you, we promise.

August BADNUG Meeting – ExcelXmlWriter and Skinning DotNetNuke

This month’s presentation will be held at BC3’s Cranberry Campus, behind Costco in Cranberry Township, PA.  It’s easy to find, so if you’ve never been here before, map it from your location and see how convenient we are!

Tool of the Month (“use one, don’t be one”)

Would anyone be surprised if we made the claim that your workplace probably runs on caffeine and Microsoft Excel?  Probably the most common task developers have is taking information from a datasource and getting it into Excel workbooks.  Rich Dudley will demonstrate one of his favorite tools, Carlos Aguilar’s free ExcelXmlWriter.

We’ll also briefly review how to use the blog features on the BADNUG website.

Skinning DotNetNuke

One of the major features of the DotNetNuke portal is its skinning capabilities, yet this capability is poorly documented in both books and the included documentation.  Following on our previous “Intro to DNN” meeting, Rich Dudley will walk through creating a skin, and share some pitfalls he’s encountered in working with www.chocolatefountainnetwork.com and www.daysinnbutler.com.


We have two copies of Daniel Egan’s “Building Websites with VB.NET and DotNetNuke 3.0”, and all the Visual Studio 2005/SQL Server 2005 Beta 2’s you want.

More information: http://badnug.org/Home/tabid/36/ctl/Details/mid/371/ItemID/1/selecteddate/8%2F31%2F2005/Default.aspx

DNN Basics BADNUG Meeting – Swag Update

More reasons to attend BADNUG’s Basics of DotNetNuke meeting next week.

WROX Press is donating two copies of Professional DotNetNuke ASP.NET Portals.  In case they don’t arrive in time, we’ll raffle off an IOU and get the book to you when it does arrive.  Thank you Jim Minatel from WROX press, and Pat Santry who hooked us up.

Secondly, we’re receiving permission for more and more goodies in our resources CD.  So far, the CD will have the DotNetRocks show with Shaun Walker and Jim Duffy from May 9, all the webcasts and slidedecks from Stan Shultes and Russ Faustino, and Solutions Partners’ DNN3 Menu Module.

Finally, Corporate Solutions is donating pizza and covering the expense for the night.