Parallels Workstation and more – FREE from LunarPages

I’ve had hosts offer all sorts of free components on their servers you can use, or install, but Lunarpages takes the cake this month.  They negotiated with some fine software vendors for free tools or free advertising credits.  All told, you can claim $775 worth of goodies just for hosting with them!

All the free goodies are detailed in the June 2008 Newsletter, but here are some highlights:

Parallels Workstation – I’m stoked about this one.  Similar to Virtual PC or VM Ware, but much lighter.  Free for Windows and Linux users, only a discount for the Mac crowd.  Honestly, I didn’t know they had a Windows version, so their promotion worked on me.

WinSettings – There’s a lot of crap built up in my startup.config I need to clean out, and I’m always looking to boost performance or speed the boot process.

The Logo Creator – I’m a sucker for pretty logos.

Also, they offer bunches of components with their hosting plan, and some additional free tools for managing your site.  Lunarpages has been a very stable and affordable host for me, so if you’re looking for a host and wnat some free stuff, too, chek out Lunarpages.