Free Accounting Software from Microsoft

This is not one of those crazy “Bill gates will pay you a dollar for everyone who reads this e-mail” things–this is real. Microsoft is giving away Microsoft Office Acocunting Express 2007 for free. This is the latest version of their small business accounting package, aimed at the Quickbooks crowd. In the past couple of years, Microsoft has begun offering “Express” editions of many of its products for free. These editions have most of the basic features one needs, and for many people, is all they’ll ever need. If you outgrow an Express edition, the upgrade to the Professional edition is pretty simple–just buy it. The Pro edition is aimed at the QB Pro/Peachtree crowd. Along with the free software, Microsoft is running a contest for the best small business idea. The winner gets $100,000 and free retail space in NYC to get your business started.

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