SplashBlog Up and Running

Splash Blog is a Flickr-like service, with a client app that runs on my Treo 700w.  There’s also a web-based admin, which I can use to upload photos from my Nikon D50.  I suppose I could pop the SD card from my Nikon into my Treo and upload from there, but while the EVDO network is fast, it’s not as fast as my cable internet.

I’ve been playing with the service for a couple of weeks, and it’s pretty cool.  On the Splashblog now is the obligatory photo of the dog (one of the dogs, anyway), my buddy Jon’s black and gold inventory, and a few photos from Franklin on Ice.

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Blogfest 5 With Robert Scoble

So I got stuck in this nasty traffic jam on my way to Blogfest 5, and I was thiking that Scoble was far more popular than I had thought.  Turns out it was traffic for a Steelers pep rally and a taping of the Jerome Bettis show.

Milke saw to every last detail–completely overcast and rainy day, just like Seattle (although the snow flurries may have been a little too much), and a cake that glowed like it was powered by Homer Simpson’s nuclear fuel rods.  True to Maryam’s word, Robert showed off his new Cingular phone (running WM 5.0) and the awesome pocket-sized OQO Tablet PC.

I posted a photo gallery with a few shots (taken with my Treo 700w) at http://www.rjdudley.com/ArticlesPresentations/PhotoAlbums/tabid/113/Default.aspx.  Unfortunately, I forgot my good camera, and had to make do in dark bar lighting.  These photos have been a little retouched out of necessity.

Naked Conversations Available as E-book

If you’re impatient, Shel and Scoble’s book Naked Conversations is now available as an e-book.  I’m not sure why Amazon says that Acrobat Reader isn’t available for Pocket PC devices, because I’ve had a reader on my Axim for a while now–the e-book may require a new version, or features that aren’t supported by the mobile versions.  You can find the mobile Acrobat Reader download page at http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2_mobile.html#pocketPC.

If you’d rather wait for the printed version, you can find the hardcover version here.


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Five Surefire Content Ideas (When Your Blog Is Drawing Blanks)

Business blogging is exploding this year, but content ideas are always in short supply.  Small businesses can benefit from blogging, but ideas may be even more difficult to come by, especially in small towns.  There was a good article this week from Marketing Profs with “Five Surefire Content Ideas (When Your Blog Is Drawing Blanks)” (http://www.marketingprofs.com/6/kranz9.asp).  Here’s the intro:

If you’re like me (and many others building a business), you may have created a Web log to communicate more intimately and more frequently with your audience. It’s supposed to be easy. After all, the technology is simple, the style casual and the content brief.

But after the initial wave of enthusiasm, you may find it increasingly difficult to generate ideas for the blog that began with so many thoughts—and so many posts—just a few months ago. Worse, you might be guiding a boss or colleague who may not be a fluent writer, but is the appropriate representative whose voice must be present in the blogosphere.

This is free content, so definately check it out when you get a minute, and keep working on the content for your blog!  For more insight into business blogging, I do recommend reading Naked Conversations.  I was fortunate enough to be a galley reviewer, and you can read my review at http://www.rjdudley.com/blog/Review+Of+Naked+Conversations.aspx.

If you’re interested in adding a blog to your website, drop me a line through the contacts page and I’ll be glad to help you get started.

Scoble Coming to Pittsburgh

TiE PittsburghEvent:

Sales & Marketing Network: The Blog
Blogging and podcasting are revolutionizing the way companies interact and communicate with customers, suppliers, partners and employees. Learn how these new tools are impacting marketing and branding efforts as you hear from a panel of regional and national experts, including Microsoft’s Robert Scoble, Pepper Hamilton’s Jim Singer, Schwartz Communications’ John Moran, Pittsburgh Bloggers co-founder Mike Woycheck and moderator John Soat, Producer of InformationWeek’s The News Show. Note: Pre-registration is required. Please bring valid photo identification for security purposes.
Date: Thursday, January 19
Time: 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Venue: One Mellon Center, Third Floor Conference Room
Cost: $25 for Council and TiE Pittsburgh members, $35 for non-members
RSVP: Online, Council Events or 412.918.4229

Scoble first announced this a while ago, but the Tech Council’s newsletter just came out today.  Blogfest 5 will happen the night before, and Scoble’s an scheduled guest.  Nothing’s guaranteed with weather at this time of year, but I look forward to the event!

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“Dewey Defeats Truman” redux at Sago Mine

One great advantage electronic media have over printed media is quick and easy corrections.  Someone may capture screenshots or save printouts, but you don’t have to send your delivery guys all over a city to retract a headline.  The PG was able to correct on their website in short order, but the printed copies had already flooded the streets.

This is a serious mea culpa:


Downloadsquad: “We love Microsoft’s recent openness.”

Naked Conversations covered it in depth, and now Downloadsquad’s Ten Things We Love About Microsoft includes Microsoft embracing employee blogging:

So many Microsoft employees write blogs. Whether it is an astute marketing ploy or not is yet to be determined, but hearing from the likes of Omar Shahine and Chris Pratley is a good thing. The spread of blogging throughout Microsoft has added a humanizing quality to the company that you can’t imagine coming from other tech behemoths like IBM or (especially) Apple.

Besides humanizing, the information in these blogs will be a huge driver of another entry on the list: Microsoft’s wealth-creation machine.

RSS Bandit Update Released

The latest update of my favorite RSS aggregator—RSS Bandit—has been released.  Find the full announcement at http://www.25hoursaday.com/weblog/PermaLink.aspx?guid=4e452051-706b-4464-92b8-52221fca8077.  Notable new features include:

  • NNTP Newsgroups (no more Outlook Express!)
  • Synchronization with NewsGator Online.  The synchronization features are what make RSS Bandit my favorite aggregator, since I read posts from home and at work.  With a free Newsgator Online account, now I even have a web-based aggregation and sync.
  • Atom 1.0 support

Tag Those Posts About KB Articles, Methods and Properties

Scott Swigart started this off with his post about undocumentationJeff Atwood picked that up and suggested Wikis in his post, which has generated some follow-up comments.  I dislike wikis, mainly because the community which is supposed to contribute is generally too busy or apathetic to do so, and that makes them next to useless.  Take, for instance, the dasBlog Wiki, in particluar http://wiki.shahine.com/default.aspx/DasBlog/ReleaseNotesOnePointSeven.html.  It’s not to say that Omar and Scott aren’t putting out a great app–they are, and it’s truly wonderful.  But the release notes are a minor version behind.  Most wikis-as-software-documentation that I’ve seen usually end up like this.

Rather than Wikis, or moderated comments, or whatever, I think we could already use the tools we have at hand–our blogs.  All Microsoft would need to do is add an RSS filter similar to Memeorandum or Blogniscient to the bottom of a KB article or method documentation, and interested parties could easiliy see any additional comments, examples, etc. in the blogosphere.

On our end, tag your posts.  You can find some tagging information at http://www.technorati.com/help/tags.html.  Basically, a tag is a link with rel=”tag” added to it.  I suggest making the HREF link back to the KB article or MSDN documentation page, and using the KB article ID or the full namespace declaration as the tag’s text.

Think about it–if you have a namespace or particluar method you need to follow, you could set up a search at Blogdigger, and subscribe to the RSS results.  There’s probably an MS Live gadget in the future as well.  Finding relevant commentary would be significantly easier for newbies, and presentation or results could be finely tuned by advanced users.