June BADNUG Meeting: SQL Server Potluck

The June BADNUG meeting will be a SQL Server Potluck.  Round up your favorite SQL Server tools, tips and tricks (for 2000 and/or 2005) and prepare to share them!  Rich Dudley will present on SQL Delta, Greg Duffie will present on Fuzzy Matching, and then we’ll have a round-table sharing of tips and tricks.

Don’t sweat it if you don’t have many to share–just bring some paper and be ready to learn!  That’s what this is all about.

As a special bonus, TASC has donated a full license of SQL Delta, which will be given to a lucky attendee (if you’ve never seen SQL Delta, you have no idea how lucky you’ll be).

We’ll meet from 6-8 pm at Communifax HQ in Cranberry Township.  Meeting information at http://badnug.org/, directions at http://communifax.com/.

May BADNUG Cancelled

The May BADNUG meeting has been cancelled;
Tony can’t make it tonight.

The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for June 22.  Collect your
favorite tips and trick for SQL Server 2000 or 2005 and be ready to share
them.  We’ll demonstrate SQL Delta, Fuzzy
Matching and a few other topics, then have a sharing session.

Thanks to TASC, we have a free license of SQL
for one lucky attendee–a $295 value!  If you’ve never been to a
BADNUG meeting before, this would be a good first time.  We’ll have the
schedule revised shortly, and you can register through the site at http://www.badnug.org/

Final Week to Sign Up for BITS 2006! (Edinboro, PA)

Hat tip: Pat

This is the final week to register for BITS in Edinboro, PA. There will be many
presentations provided, here is an overview of the sessions:

Keynote: Convergence and Cellular

Don’t Touch
Any Switches: Leading IT for the Non-IT Leader

Value to Your Enterprise – A Survival Guide

SuperHighway-Construction Ahead
Are You and
Your Networks Ready for IP Telephony?

DotNetNuke Overview
Monitoring and
Pro-Active Response with Linux
How Secure Are
You? Practical Security Strategies
Are You
Missing Out on the RSS Revolution?
Extending the

Secure Converged

Aligning Business Goals with IT

Panel Discussion:
Computer Forensics Examiners in the War on

Workshop: Computer

Vista Office

Scott Hanselman’s Pittsburgh Talk Update

The subject of Scott’s
Pittsburgh .NET talk
has been updated:

Essential Tools for the Effective Developer

Join us for the May Pittsburgh .NET User Group meeting as Scott
Hanselman, Chief Architect at the Corillian Corporation, looks at some of the
essential tools for effective development.  Scott is known for his
Ultimate Tools List at
his ongoing efforts to collect and use tools that help developers be as
effective as possible.
Your brain thinks fast, why should your fingers be
“I/O Bound?” Join us at this fast-paced talk about Scott’s philosophy of
effectiveness, a journey that might introduce you to a number of Apps,
Applets, Add-Ins, Toolbars and Shell Customizations that’ll take your
development environment to the next level. We’ll also talk about Test Driven
Development and Continuous Integration and may also touch on a number of
CompSci concepts like Cyclomatic Complexity.

Info at http://pghdotnet.org/Events/220.aspx.

Scott Hanselman Coming to Pittsbugh .NET

Pgh.NET: Software Factories / Code

Join the Pittsburgh
.NET User Group (Pgh.NET) as Scott Hanselman, Chief Architect at Corillian and
Microsoft Regional Director, presents at this International .NET Association
(INETA) sponsored event. Sponsored by Raeder Landree.
Tuesday, May 9
Time: 5:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Venue: Microsoft,
30 Isabella Street
Cost: No charge
Online, Council Events or

Pittsburgh To Get Citywide Wi-Fi This Summer (maybe)

According to an article in today’s

By the time visitors stream into Pittsburgh for the July All-Star Game,
Mayor Bob O’Connor and Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership CEO Michael Edwards
want them to be able to fire up their laptops and connect to the Internet from
anywhere in the Golden Triangle. The system may tie into another wireless
network the Pirates want to deploy in PNC Park.

That would be the MLB All-Star game, coming to PNC Park this

Pittsburgh MSDN Event: Boost your Productivity with Visual Studio® 2005 and the .NET Framework 2.0

Pittsburgh MSDN Event, May 25 1pm-5pm at Carmike 10 Theater on Fort Couch Rd.

With the productivity enhancements in Visual Studio 2005 and the .NET Framework 2.0, you’ll spend less time coding and more time focusing on actually getting the job done. First, learn how to build customizable web user interfaces in no time flat with the ASP.NET 2.0 Web Parts framework. Next, see how the many new language features of Visual Basic® 2005 and C# 2005 can simplify your coding. Finally, stand on the shoulders of giants by incorporating Application Blocks from the Enterprise Library for .NET Framework 2.0 into your application. Your project will be finished and you’ll be on to your Xbox 360â„¢ before you know it! These don’t-miss events are always free, local and live.

  • Creating Customizable User Interfaces with Web Parts and ASP.NET 2.0
    Learn how you can easily add a dynamic, modular, customizable portal interface to your own ASP.NET 2.0 Web site using the new Web Parts framework.

  • Language Enhancements in the .NET Framework 2.0
    This session highlights key language enhancements for both C# and Visual Basic, explores the usage of partial classes to manage source code, and looks at the new My namespace in Visual Basic.

  • Exploring the Enterprise Library for the .NET Framework 2.0
    In this session, we’ll examine the design and usage of several application blocks that will streamline and simplify your coding, and how their architecture embodies Microsoft’s best practices and recommendations for .NET-based applications.

Full info and registration at http://www.msdnevents.com/?dist=MAtGP.