Express Editions Permanently Free, and New Starter Kits

Hot off the presses, teh Visual Studio Express Editions will be permanently

This is great news for programmers of all stripes.  Even better news are
some of the cool starter kits:

Beta: Skype Wrapper for .NET Starter

The Beta of the Skype Wrapper for .NET Starter
Kit is a managed code wrapper with samples that enables to programmatically
connect and consume Skype services from
, Visual
, Visual
, or Visual
C++ Express

Teacher Starter

The Teacher Starter Kit is a rich client
application for keeping track of students, course rosters, and assessments or
grades using
Basic or Visual C# Express

Maker Faire Demo: Skype Home

The Skype
Home Automation
extends the Skype Starter Kit to show how
you can use an instant messaging application to communicate with a home server
for the purposes of automation and monitoring, like checking if the lights are
on, or even play your favorite music.



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