Proof The NFL Fixed Super Bowl XL

The Seahawks took the field to The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony”, while the
Steelers took the field to Fat Boy Slim’s “Right Here, Right Now”.  What
could be more bittersweet than making it to The Big Game, and then losing?

That was obviously a subliminal message to the Stepford referees as to which
team should win the game.  Gillette was in on it, too.  See,
Proctor & Gillette needs a new commercial for its new razor, and Hasselbeck
wasn’t as likely a candidate for a shave as Roethlisberger

The “Lucky Leg” – Go Steelers!

I love my hometown of Louisville, KY (a.k.a., Louavull), and I love my
adopted hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.  The Louisville Courir-Journal’s RSS
feeds helop me stay in touch with the news back home, and today’s issue had a
great article on one member of the Steelers Nation, and his lucky leg:

Four weeks ago, in the first round of the playoffs, Pittsburgh trailed
Cincinnati 17-7 in the second quarter. Gray decided to kick-start the Steelers
with his prosthetic leg — the one with the Steelers helmet on the shin.

“I just popped it off and started banging on the table with it,” Gray
said. “Everybody was like, ‘What is that?’ I said, That’s my lucky leg!’

But why does our man have a prosthetic leg festooned with Steelers logos?

“I was thinking about getting a Steelers tattoo,” Gray said, “but I was
like, I need a new leg anyway, so why not get a Steeler leg? That’ll kill two
birds. I’ll have a tattoo and a leg — and I won’t have to worry about the
pain of the tattoo.”

You have to appreciate the thought process, there.

Full article at

Logitech Headphones for iPod

Not my year for gadgets.  First, my NetGear SC101
suffered a breakdown
, and now my cool Logitech
Wireless Headphones for iPod
have given up their ghost as well.  As
soon as the music started playing, the headphones would lose connection with the
transmitter.  I could re-pair the headphones and the transmitter, but as
soon as the music started, they’d lose their connection again.

E-mailing Logitech support gave me a couple of steps to try, including the
reset button and re-pairing, but no fix.  So I’m on the phone with tech
support to get an RMA.  I’m going to miss these things until the
replacement arrives.